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BRU Spotting Guide


As you can see on the map, BRU has 3 runways: 25L-07R (3.211 meters), 02-20 (2.984 meters) and 25R-07L (3.638 meters).

This is the normal runway configuration with winds from the west:

This is configuration with winds from the north to the east:

Live information about the current runway configuration: VHF Frequency 132.475 MHz BRU/EBBR ATIS Channel, or call +322/206.25.25 and choose BRU.

Spot 1: Landings 25R

You reach this place via the N227. In the centre of Steenokkerzeel, follow the signposts 'Begraafplaats'.
This is a very good spot for landings on runway 25R. Good light conditions from morning to afternoon. The pictures are comparable to the 25L approach shots.

Spot 2: Landings 25L

This spot is situated on the 'Kortenbergse Steenweg', between Steenokkerzeel and Kortenberg.
The light is the same as for runway 25R. During the summer in the late afternoon you can go to the field on the other side of the runway. Another famous location is the '127Bis' refugee centre, located about 500 meters to the west. The aircraft have just touched down here, but you need a ladder to clear the fence out of the picture for everything bigger than an Airbus A320.

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Spot 3: Landing 02 (monings)

This place is situated near the 'Zeven Tommen', a small pedestrian road between Zaventem and Nossegem.
Here you have a fantastic view on the runway 02 landings and runway 02 and 07R departures. Good light from the morning to noon.

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Spot 4: Landing 02 (evenings)

This spot is also situated near the 'Zeven Tommen' in Zaventem. Follow the signs 'Begraafplaats', but instead of entering the graveyard, walk past the outer wall.
Here you have a nice view on the runway 02 landings. The light is good from the afternoon to sunset.

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Spot 5: Takeoffs 25R + General Aviation

Also known as Abelag. Follow the signposts 'General Aviation' from the A201, the road to the airport terminal.
This is the place where private aircrafts are parked. With a ladder you can make pictures without the fence bothering you. The light depends on the parking positions of the aircrafts. This is also the place where you have to be for takeoffs on runway 25R. Since you're standing at nearly the end of the runway, some smaller planes can already be very high.

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Spot 6: Brucargo

Brucargo is the cargo terminal of Brussels Airport, located in the north-west corner of the airfield. Via exit 12 'Brucargo' of the E19 motorway and the Haachtsesteenweg you reach Brucargo. Here you can see all the aircrafts parked at the Brucargo apron, or taxi movements

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Last update: November 2011.